Exploring VA Benefits for Assisted Living Expenses

VA Benefits for Assisted Living Expenses: The VA offers long-term care services to support the health and well-being of veterans.

Assistive living, residential care, and home health care are all options offered by Veterans Affairs.

A comprehensive long-term care facility includes 24/7 nursing care, medical treatment, physical therapy, daily assistance with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication management, comfort care, and pain management.

In addition, we provide support to caregivers who may need assistance or a break to care for themselves.

The VA offers these services in a variety of settings, some of which are operated by the VA, while others are run by state or community-based organizations.

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Nursing homes, assisted-living centers, private homes with caregiver support, adult day health centers, and even in Veterans’ own homes are among these settings.

These services can only be accessed if you are enrolled in VA health care, and it must be determined that you need a specific service to assist you with your ongoing treatment.

A service or care setting must also be near you, as well as factors such as insurance coverage or service-connected disability status.

Contact your VA social worker for more information or call the toll-free hotline at 877-222-8387, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.

If you are not currently enrolled in the VA health care program, you must apply for benefits.

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If you are enrolled in VA health care, you may have to pay a copay for certain covered services. Some services are included in your standard health care plan.

Lastly, the VA provides long-term care services to sick or disabled Veterans.

Accessing the appropriate channels and meeting specific requirements will enable veterans to receive care and support for their ongoing health and well-being.

The VA prioritizes Veterans’ long-term care needs as a vital resource.

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