Rumy Alqahtani, A Certified Dentist Chosen To Represent Saudi Arab In Miss Universe 2024

Rumy Alqahtani Chosen To Represent Saudi Arab In Miss Universe 2024[Credit: News18]

Rumy Alqahtani Chosen To Represent Saudi Arab In Miss Universe 2024: Saudi Arabia’s Rumy Alqahtani, a 27-year-old model, is a bona fide trailblazer. She will be the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete in Miss Universe.

Ms Alqahtani, who has a million followers on Instagram, announced her participation, sharing a picture of herself in a silver sequin gown with the “Miss Universe Saudi Arabia” sash and the Saudi flag. In her email, she wrote, “It gives me great pleasure to be a part of Miss Universe 2024. This is the first time Saudi Arabia has participated in Miss Universe.”

Rumy Alqahtani Chosen To Represent Saudi Arab In Miss Universe 2024: About Rumy Alqahtani

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in dentistry and is fluent in Arabic, French, and English. Rumy Alqahtani is a runway model and social media influencer from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Through her participation in several global competitions, including Miss and Mrs Global Asian, Miss Arab Peace, and Miss Europe, Ms Alqahtani made a name for herself in the beauty pageant industry.

Emirates Woman reports that she has won many prestigious titles, including Miss Saudi Arabia, Miss Middle East, Miss Arab World Peace, and Miss Woman (Saudi Arabia).

Her social media posts reveal that Ms Alqahtani loves to travel and has visited several countries, including UAE, Egypt, and Italy.

To speak out against violence faced by women and girls, Ms Alqahtani was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in February 2024. Additionally, she was invited to Geneva for the 7th World Summit on Human Rights in 2024 as a keynote speaker.

Sheynnis Palacios, the reigning Miss Universe from Nicaragua, will pass her crown on to her successor at the Miss Universe 2024 pageant on September 18.

Although she received a lot of support from well-wishers after being chosen to represent Saudi Arabs in Miss Universe 2024, she was also trolled by some ultra-conservative trolls. One fan said, “ I’m so so so proud of you!! Love you, baby, keep growing..” wrote a fan. Another commented, “Good luck! An interesting country with beautiful people, interesting history and culture..” wrote another.

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